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Great Explorations Sink or Float

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Kids learn to use scientific inquiry to help organize their thoughts, ask questions, make a hypothesis, plan and conduct their tests, make observations, draw conclusions, and share their results with other people. After conducting the initial experiments, we suggest other tests kids can perform with common household objects, to continue their exploration of density, displacement, and buoyancy. A bucket or a sink full of water is necessary to conduct these experiments.

Our STEAM kits introduce Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics in hands-on experiences that combine left and right brain thinking. Compelling themes excite young minds. Full STEAM ahead!Let’s float some ideas!
Conduct over 20 experiments to discover what sinks or floats
Have fun exploring the concepts of density, displacement, and buoyancy
Comes with a complete instruction guide with easy-to-follow steps and thoughtful questions to ponder
Recommended for junior engineers age 7 years and up

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