Electronic Circuits

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Electronic Circuits by Joseph Berardi Learn about the basic electrical concepts, electronic components and electronic circuits. Information on usage of power sources, voltage meters, ohm’s law, resistors and their color code, capacitors, inductors, transformers, diodes, rectifiers, Light-Emitting Diodes (LED), 7-Segment Displays, bipolar transistors, field-effect transistors (FET), 7400 series logic devices and specialty Integrated Circuits (ICs) such as the 555 timer chip are all covered in detail. The theories on oscillators, filters, op-amps, transient circuits, amplifiers, transistor circuits along with digital design and standard circuit configurations are included. There are photographs and diagrams showing everything that is discussed in this book making it easier to learn. Manufacturer’s datasheets, their importance and how to use them to their best advantage is revealed. After learning the basics you will be ready to use the different prototype and breadboard methodologies by building your own test circuits and projects. There is a section discussing tools and component suppliers to prepare you for the projects. The project examples include a pulse generator based on the 555 chip, an event counter with a 7-Segment display and a DC power supply. The author had a successful 24-year career in electronic development starting in the late seventies working for some of the largest electronic employers in the United States. His circuit designs have been used to: test and launch ballistic missiles and in communication systems used by NASA for the space shuttle. He spent over a decade at his favorite company, StorageTek designing data storage tape and disk drive systems for enterprise computer systems.

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